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Are Flexzilla Hoses Worth The High Price?

by Rory Neill 16 Oct 2023 0 Comments

What is unique about Flexzilla?

Flexzilla is a unique type of hose, as they are very flexible. It’s made from durable, lightweight, and flexible hybrid polymer and they have a kink-resistant design.  It’s designed to be durable, versatile, as well as easy to use.  Flexzilla hoses come with dual male adapters, so you can connect the other end directly to your compressor and the other to your air tools.  If you’re looking for an air hose that won’t get in your way, then look no further than this durable product!

No more kinking!

Flexzilla hoses are flexible (hence the name if you haven’t figured it out by now!), as well as lightweight and easy to use.  Due to the patented material, it does not kink, even under pressure, of which it can stand 300 psi.  It will not curl around your ankle like every other air hose seems to find a way to do.  Also, the hose ends have swivels which will automatically take out kinks if they manage to form.

It has zero memory, which means that it lies flat after being coiled for a long time, and coils easily when lying flat for a long time.  You can easily store it by rolling up the hose into a coil or by using one of their hose rollers that will retract the hose for you with a simple pull and will get it out of your way.  When it’s flat you cannot see a single kink or turn and it’s almost as if it had never been coiled in its life!

Another amazing feature of Flexzilla is its temperature resistance.  It can withstand cold and hot environments without getting firmer.  (-40 to 60 degrees celsius!)  I think this video demonstrates it all:

Extremely durable

The material used to create Flexzilla hoses is a unique, patented Premium Hybrid Polymer.  This is what makes it flexible.  Its abrasion-resistant outer cover, which can withstand daily scraping across concrete on the workshop floor and going around sharp corners, also contributes to its extreme toughness and durability.  They have bend restrictors that lessen stress on the hose and extend its lifespan. They can withstand pressures of up to 300 psi (pounds per square inch). Apparently, the ends are made of anodized aircraft aluminum ends which are designed in the USA and made in Taiwan.


Flexzilla hoses are priced at $176.49 for a 15m/50ft air hose with crimped 1/4″ male ends. This is a little bit on the higher end of what you’d expect for an air hose, but it’s very reasonable considering how well these hoses are made, how long they last, and of course, how flexible they are! If you’re looking to get something that will last longer than your average air hose (which typically doesn’t last much more than 2 years), then Flexzilla hoses are definitely worth your consideration!


Flexzilla hoses are a great option for people who want an extra flexible and lightweight hose, that will do exactly what you want without frustrating them by getting in their way, and will last the test of time.

If you want to learn more about Flexzilla hoses, please get in touch and if you would like to buy then you can do so here!

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