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What Makes Counteract Balancing Beads The Best For Your Tyres?

by Rory Neill 16 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Counteract Balancing Beads are an easy, trouble free method to ensure constantly balanced tyres and wheels without traditional fixed lead wheel weights.

One of the main benefits is that the beads balance in real time, so as soon as something causes the balancing to change, or a change in tyre shape or uneven wear, the beads will move to the correct balanced position.  Additionally, as beads are inside the tyre, they can’t fall off like wheel weights.

Counteract Beads are special because they are the only Balancing Bead to create electrostatic cling so that they don’t fall down to the bottom of the tyre and have to rebalance when you come to a stop! According to the manufacturers, this cling can last up to 9 days in a stationary position.

How to Install Counteract Beads?

There are three very easy ways to install Counteract.

  1. The simplest way is to throw the included bead bag into the tyre during installation.  The air pressure and rotation will break the bag open and disperse the beads.  This method is best if you want to use a bead seater such as the bead bazooka to seat the tyre.
  2. The easiest way for DIYers is to use the injector bottle that attaches to the valve and can be squeezed in without removing the tyre.
  3. If you have an airline hose and their injection pump, then another way is to remove about half the tyre’s air pressure and use a special injector pump to inject the beads directly through the valve.

How does Counteract Work?

The balancing beads are distributed around the tyre as it begins to move, because of centrifugal force.  Heavy spots pull up and down on the suspension causing vibration which makes the beads move to the opposite side of the tyre because of inertia.  The beads continue to move until the entire wheel assembly is perfectly balanced.

Why use Counteract and not other ceramic beads?

Counteract beads have a special coating around the tempered glass to stop them from clumping and to generate electrostatic cling. This is where the beads build up a static charge and they stay in place when you stop so they don’t have to rebalance every time the vehicle stops.

With our testing this holds true and when you take the tyre off the wheel after use, you can see some of the beads sticking around the tyre, not at the bottom as you would expect.

Counteract also boast four other benefits:

Increased Fuel Economy:  Counteract is the only wheel balancing product in the world proven to increase fuel economy and has ratings in two separate tests that both show an improvement.

Increased Life of Tyres:  Counteract beads reduce rolling resistance by up to 18%, reducing tyre wear, which prolongs tyre life by at least 30%.

Smoother Ride and Reduced Vibration:  Counteract readjusts itself on the go when experiencing changing balance conditions which standard wheel weights can not do. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs and Time:  On average it takes 10-12 minutes to balance a single tyre with standard wheel weights.  Counteract only takes the time to inflate the tyre and it will never need to be rebalanced after installation.

How do you know how much Counteract to use?

Counteract has a page and even a mobile app where you can select your tyre size and it will tell you how much counteract you need for your size tyre.

You can download the app here or use their website!

Can you use Counteract Beads in car tyres?

No, Counteract is only recommended for use in large diameter motorcycle, ATV, UTV, truck tyres or with any other vehicle with more than 1/2 ton suspension.

This is because Counteract works with centrifugal force which evenly distributes the beads around the inner liner of the tyre and inertia which positions the beads to where they need to be.  The beads get positioned by the up and down motion of the suspension force the beads to do so.  Most car suspension is too soft and the beads will not be able to properly position themselves.

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